Magnet Schools in America

One looming issue in America today is education and the public education system. Options for children now at the high school level are to attend their home school, a charter school, or a magnet school. The intention of Magnet schools was initially to promote desegregation and give marginalized groups an opportunity for a better education. Magnet programs are incorporated into the public school system. Some are specialized programs, such as for the International Baccalaureate diploma.  The federal government has been giving grants to magnet programs, which do have to meet integration goals, but has been granting charter schools four times as many. The goal here is to increase diversity in top notch programs. The proposed ways to do this include informing more parents and youth about their options, and using advertising methods such as commercials and brochures. This article provides details on the plight of magnet schools today. What practical ways can we go about integrating more minority groups into the more advanced programs? The article gives a good basis of what is going on at the urban level of society, specifically Miami Florida. However other parts of America are facing different relative issues. What kinds of perspectives can those of us who have gone through different high-school education systems in different parts of America bring to this issue?

Rich , Motoko. “Magnet Schools Find a Renwed Embrace in Cities .” New York Times [New Yokr] 16 2 2014, n. pag. Web. 16 Feb. 2014. <;. 



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