Welcome to the Roosevelt Institute – A Hendrix College Edition

Hey Everyone! On behalf of myself, Meredith, Jill, and Dakota, I’d like to welcome all of you to Roosevelt Talk, Hendrix College’s new blog on all things policy.

For those of you who are new and curious, the Roosevelt Institute’s Campus Network is the first student-run policy organization of its kind in the United States. It’s an offshoot of the Roosevelt Institute, a nationally recognized think-tank specializing in progressive policy research and building upon the legacy of President Franklin Roosevelt, the man who championed the New Deal and ushered in a new age of American government and policy advocacy. How do we factor into this you may ask? Good question.

The Campus Network’s goal is simple. Get students involved in policy and advocacy from the moment they set foot in college. The world may be big and its problems many, but the potential for new ideas, policies,  or action that could revolutionize our way of life is infinite. Recognizing this, each campus network organization is unique in its approach and focus. Since we are a relatively new organization at Hendrix, our course is still uncharted and that’s why we turn to you. We want to create Hendrix’s first student think-tank. We want you to have networking opportunities across the nation to not only share your ideas, but put them into effect. We want conferences, research, and influence. We want all of these things and more, but most all we want you to have a voice and a say.

Thankfully, we aren’t running in blind. This blog may be new, but the group already has some bite. Every year, all of the Campus Network groups across the country send in their policy ideas to Ten Ideas, a national undergraduate journal published by the Roosevelt Institute that showcases the sixty best policy ideas among hundreds of submissions. We had three student authors get published last year and another this year and they’ve all had the chance to submit action plans and network with the Roosevelt Institute to bring their visions into reality. For our Hendrix readers, this is a yearly Odyssey opportunity just waiting to be seized. Additionally, we’ve sent numerous students to policy conferences and have even hosted one ourselves. Finally, our leadership team collaborates with the Roosevelt Regional Teams to ensure that the Network as a whole can grow and prosper from year to year.

None of this is to say that that’s all we have to offer you. The Campus Network, and by extension this blog,  is what you make of it. Anyone who wishes to write for us is welcome to pick up a keyboard and crank out a post. I myself plan to publish regular weekly or biweekly briefings on current affairs both in the United States and abroad. If you have an idea, commentary, or anything you wish to share, join us! We’d be glad to have you and to publish your work. You will see regular announcements/updates from my colleagues on the events Roosevelt has planned for this upcoming semester as well as next year. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I can say it will definitely be worth your while to keep up with what we have planned.

This is an exciting journey for everyone involved and to those of who are new this semester, welcome to the Roosevelt Institute! To those of you who haven’t joined, keep us on your radar. Student organizations would be nothing without an audience to cater to and we hope our work will be beneficial to you beyond just the curiosity or passion it will arouse. Our next meeting will be this Thursday at 7:00 pm in SLTC 105. I hope to see you there!



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